PHL Airport Parking and Shuttle Services Differ from the Rest – How?

When planning a trip out of Philadelphia, you may not give much thought to the PHL airport parking and shuttle services you choose; after all, what’s the difference?  We can tell you there are plenty of differences, and that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your vehicle while you are away.  At Smart Park, we offer many advantages over other facilities, some of which we will discuss here!

Safe, secure parking.  Most PHL airport parking and shuttle services tout safe parking, but just how safe is it, really?  Anyone can put a fence around their grounds and provide lighting.  We go the extra mile by having our staff members monitor the grounds on a continuous basis.  Our employees patrol the parking area by shuttle, and on foot.  You can feel better while out of town knowing that your vehicle is safe and secure.

Shuttle services like no other.  How many times have you had problems finding a shuttle, found yourself rushing to make your flight, or had to wait longer than you would have liked after arriving back in town for a shuttle to pick you up?  Our PHL airport parking and shuttle services offer shuttles that run on-demand.  Our drivers are courteous, safe, and helpful, following you as you park, then driving you safely to the airport.  When you get back to the airport following your travels, you can rely on the fact that a shuttle will be there in 10 minutes or less to pick you up.

The best customer service in the business.  Unfortunately, it isn’t often you get great service at any type of business today.  Employees seem to be too busy texting, talking on the phone, or goofing off with other employees to take care of your needs.  Our staff members are courteous, helpful, and always ready to help.  In fact, we have enjoyed being the recipient of several customer service awards over the years.  We even offer roadside assistance and lock-out service at no extra cost to you, because you deserve it.  Without you, we wouldn’t enjoy the reputation of the most trusted PHL airport parking and shuttle services that we do today!

Now that you know a few of the reasons we differ from the rest, why settle for less?  For about the same money, you can enjoy so much more at Smart Park.  We are the ones who really do put the customer first!

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