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The Best Pre-Settlement Funding Companies for Lawsuit Loans

If you have found yourself involved in a lawsuit and needing cash prior to settling your lawsuit, you are likely looking for a vendor of Pre-Settlement Funding.  Some times referred to as Lawsuit Loans (Although these are not loans).

There are a few leading providers of these services, and we will list the best to worst below.

First and Foremost, Mayfield Settlement Funding.  Mayfield Settlement Funding is extremely fast.  They also self fund all of their pre-settlement funding clients, which allows them to make decisions easier and quicker.  They are the premier choice if you want a quick settlement loan without hassle.

There are additional companies such as Oasis, PS Finance and Peach Tree.  They have quality services, however; none seem to typically compare to Mayfield.  So if you are reviewing companies, these would likely be the best 4.  We recommend you research yourself and make your decision.

You can contact Mayfield Settlement Funding at 18888008400