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Why It’s Essential to Hire an Arlington Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorney

As any Arlington juvenile crimes defense attorney knows, defending a minor accused of a criminal offense is quite different than defending an adult.  In most cases, a juvenile’s case will proceed through the juvenile and domestic relations courts.  This is why it is important you seek the legal guidance and support of an attorney who is skilled and experienced in the area of juvenile law in Virginia.

Some of the most common crimes committed by young people include drunk driving, underage drinking, drug offenses, theft, gang crimes, and assault.  No parent wants to see his or her child punished harshly, and truthfully, juveniles are usually influenced by peers, and not aware of the potential damaging consequences of their actions.  A compassionate Arlington juvenile crimes lawyer knows the importance of focusing on rehabilitation and getting the young person’s life back on the right track, rather than harsh punishment.

The fact is, a juvenile may be charged with any crime an adult may be charged with – including carjacking, armed robbery, even murder. In certain situations, a minor may be charged as an adult, which means extremely harsh consequences if convicted.  While you may believe it best to hire a well-known and reputable criminal defense lawyer who generally represents adults, even the most seasoned attorney is not necessarily effective in defending juveniles.  It is critical to obtain the legal representation of an Arlington juvenile crimes defense attorney who understands that in most cases, a young person has two options:  to get into further trouble with the law, or change the direction of his or her life.

It all boils down to the fact that a youthful mistake should not result in your child’s future being ruined.  For the most part, your child is likely a good kid; he or she just made a mistake out of immaturity, and perhaps pressure from friends.  While police and prosecutors do understand this and frequently allow for educational programs and restorative justice rather than time in jail, it is still essential that you hire a trusted lawyer to protect against long-term negative consequences which would impact your child’s future and reputation.

You don’t want your child to end up with a criminal record, or behind bars.  It may be possible to have the charge against a juvenile dismissed or reduced, which may require attendance of a treatment program, community service, or other alternatives.  Contact a skilled Arlington juvenile crimes lawyer right away so that action can begin in protecting your child.